Do You Feel Like You Are Fighting An Impossible Battle?

Trying to lose weight can be an extremely frustrating endeavor.  For many people, it has become, at least in their mind, an “impossible battle”.  They lose 5 pounds, then gain 6. Lose 15 pounds, then gain 12 of it back.  They yo-yo back and forth.

Challenges are everywhere.  People at work bring in donuts, cookies and other snacks.  We are constantly in a hurry, so we grab whatever is quick and convenient to eat or hit the nearest fast food drive-through.

We plan on exercising, but things come up.  Family members or friends need us.  Something at work needs to be taken care of.

So how can you win this battle?  What will give you the best possible chance of success?

Create a team to help you succeed!

As humans, we are much stronger in a group focused on a common goal.  Surround yourself with people who are working towards a similar goal as you are and people with the knowledge and experience to point you on the right path.

Start a group with co-workers, friends or family members and meet a couple of times each week to do something active and discuss your progress and goals.  Keep each other accountable.  Share your challenges and your victories.

If you need to, check out our programs at Custom Fit.  We provide a nutritional counselor, a private fitness coach, and a fantastic team of fitness professionals to support you.

If you have questions about how to structure a fitness or weight loss program, or challenges you are having, Custom Fit’s Lead Trainer Eric Patterson and I will be hosting a Q&A Session at Cafe 111 Wed. May 5th at 6pm.  Seating is limited so RSVP by calling 812.437.2378 or via email to [email protected]

Remember, don’t try to fight this battle all alone!  There is strength in numbers! Give yourself the best chance for long-term fitness and weight loss success!


  1. Tony, you nailed it brother. Finding a support group of like minded individuals to assist with any goal (especially fitness and weight loss) will have the greatest chance for success!

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