Tony’s 12 Week Challenge Day 1

June 1, 2013

Well, here we go.  Day 1.

No workout today.

Meal 1

5 Eggs, 2 Tbsp Salsa, 1/2 Cup blueberries

Meal 2

1/2 cup oatmeal, banana, 2 scoops of protein powder

Meal 3

6oz hamburger, 1 slice American cheese, 1 fried egg, slice of tomato, 2 strips of bacon, wrapped in lettuce leaves

Side salad w/ vinaigrette dressing

Went to Red Robin after church with the family.  The hardest thing normally for me is to not eat 3 baskets of french fries there.  I didn’t have any.  I personally do better if I don’t have any of something rather than try to just have a little.

Overall, a decent Day 1.  The hardest part is making the decision to start, establishing a goal and putting it on paper to make it real.  Make the goal public so other people can help keep you accountable and you are locked in.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next 12 weeks will bring.

If you are playing along, feel free to share your workouts/food journals in the comments below.



  1. Put my day 1 on the original post. I’ll do it right for the rest 🙂

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