Tony’s 12 Week Challenge Day 24

June 24, 2013

Meal 1

Meal Replacement Shake


Workout 1

Circuit 1   3 rounds

Jumping Jacks

Wide Lat Pulldown

DB Thruster

Circuit 2  3 rounds

DB Swing

Seated Row


Circuit 3      2 rounds

Wall Sit

Mt. Climbers
Meal 2

Meal Replacement Shake

Meal 3

Eggs, Salsa


Workout 2

Circuit 1      3 rounds

Wide Lat Pulldown

DB Military Press

Hanging Knee Raise

Circuit 2      3 rounds

EZ Bar Curl

Parallel Grip Chest Press

Crunch on Stability Ball


Meal 4

Spaghetti, green beans

Meal 5

Oatmeal, protein powder, peanut butter


Throughout the day I did 450 pushups, thanks to a little Facebook challenge

June 24 Pushups



  1. Dennis Gunther says:

    Breakfast: 3 eggs and one slice toast
    Snack: protein bar
    Lunch: 6″ subway with baked lays
    Supper: healthy choice meal
    Snack: healthy choice ice cream bar

  2. B- Egg white omlette
    S- 2oz turkey and slice of sharp cheddar cheese
    L- Veggie lasagna (1 cup was only 280 cals!!!)
    D- baked chicken, brussel sprouts, raosted potatoes
    S- Choc Chip Cookie… it was a rather large one 🙁

    35 Min Eliptical Trainer

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