Tony’s 12 Week Challenge Day 26

Meal 1

Oatmeal, protein powder, peanut butter

Meal 2

Boiled Eggs

Meal 3

Bob’s Gym Builder Shake

I had my post-workout shake, but didn’t get the workout in…My trainer partner got caught in a meeting and couldn’t make it and I stayed in the office.  Bad role model today.

Meal 4

Grilled Salmon, corn on the cob, cheesy mashed potatoes with bacon (yeah, you might want to get the recipe from my wife) and…..a brownie…

Meal 5

I choose not to fall off the wagon.  I choose to light the wagon on fire and drive it off a cliff

White Chocolate Lic’s Chip.  I would like to be able to blame Son 2 who wanted to go and have some special time with dad, but…the reality is I don’t feel guilty about this at all.   I had a blast with my son, we talked, we laughed, he taught me how to play a game on my phone.  Keeping some “style” in my lifestyle.




  1. Dennis Gunther says:

    Breakfast-oatmeal and banana
    Lunch-Arby’s chicken salad wrap and chips
    Supper-mixed sald with turkey
    Snack-protein bar

    Cardio workout at lunch

  2. Dennis Gunther says:

    Breakfast: protein shake and banana
    Lunch: club sandwich and baked lays
    Supper: went a little overboard
    Brats on bun with potato salad and a piece of chocolate cheesecake

  3. Wednesday June 26th

    Here is where it starts to get ugly….

    For breakfast, I am at the office so …. Egg white omlette

    L- ham and cheese wrap from biaggi (it was really small!!!), mini bag of cheetos and mini bag of Mini oreos

    S- another mini bag of cheetos and a chocolate chip cookie (it was average sized)

    D- Pepperoni pizza… I ate 1/2 of a large OMG!!!

  4. At this point i am now at the tourney so from 8-5 I have to eat what is available… could I pack a cooler, I suppose but I would have to keep it in the car and really, we didnt get breaks… you just ate on the move.

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