Tony’s 12 Week Challenge Day 28

June 28, 2013

Meal 1

2 eggs, cheddar cheese

Meal 2

Oatmeal, protein powder, peanut butter

Meal 3

Bob’s Gym Builder Shake

Meal 4

2 Ostrim ostrich jerky


Circuit 1

Wide Lat Pulldown

Alt. DB Curl/Press

3 rounds

Circuit 2

Incline DB Press

DB Swing

3 rounds

Pushups to fail

Meal 5

Pizza, chips and breadsticks.  Got a little carried away.



  1. Dennis Gunther says:

    A little behind here.
    Breakfast: Greek yogurt, protein shake
    Snack: apple
    Lunch: Arby’s chicken salad wrap, chips
    Supper: green salad with grilled chicken
    Snack: watermelon

    Also,14 days diet coke free!!

  2. Thursday June 27th…

    Today was so busy I didnt even log my food into “My Fitness Pal” so Im just going off of memory…

    B- Special K chocolate protein bar
    S- mini bag of cheetos
    L- Jimmy johns turkey sandwich with lettuce tomato, cheese and mayo, bag of jimmy chips
    S- Plain cheese burger
    D- Campbells light chicken and dumpling soup…. I was so tired and it was quick and easy so i could go to bed!!!

    No workout

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