Tony’s 12 Week Challenge Day 30

June 30, 2013

Back on track

Meal 1

Oatmeal, protein powder, peanut butter

Meal 2

Salad with turkey, 2 boiled eggs, a little bit of cheddar cheese, Italian dressing

Meal 3

Salad with 2 turkey burgers, a little bit of cheddar cheese, Italian dressing

Meal 4

Oatmeal, protein powder

Finished with month one.

Overall, I feel pretty good about my start.  Not perfect, not great, but I have documented (although slowly sometimes) all of my food and workouts.

Ready for Month 2.


  1. So we are at Saturday now right June 29th

    B- 3 whole eggs
    L- homemade turkey sandwich and mini bag of cheetos
    D- baked chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots

    45 min eliptical

  2. oops… I missed a post and am 1 day behind here so I’ll post the correct day on here as well… grrr

    June 30th

    B- 4 whole eggs
    L- pulled chicken and some fruit
    S- dang cheetos
    D- Olive garden chicken alfredo, salad, calamari and a mini chocolate mouse dessert… I did not have one single bread stick though, that counts for some thing right!!!!!

    No workout

    Glad this week is over… it was VERY hard to eat on the go all week and not know when I was going to get to eat or what would be available and then by the time i got done volunteering, got my kid, fed and put him to bed I was so tired I didnt even care what I was eating – but i knew i would hate putting it on here 🙁

    Until this week, I felt pretty good about my progress. I am not too off track though. Getting my workouts in again next week and cleaning up the diet again will be nice!!

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