Tony’s 12 Week Challenge Day 33

July 3, 2013

Meal 1

Eggs, bacon, sausage

Meal 2

Oatmeal, protein powder

Meal 3

Bob’s Gym Builder Shake

Meal 4

Beef Stroganoff, rice, corn




  1. Ok, next few days are going to be ugly….

    Workout TBT Class

    B- Banana
    S- Egg white omlette
    Company holiday lunch…
    L- Pulled BBQ pork (1/2 cup), Green Bean Casserole (1/2 cup), Maccaroni salad (1/2 cup)
    S- Cupcake 🙁
    Girls Night out Dinner at Hacienda….
    D-Basket of chips and 1 saucer of salsa- This is a good for me bc I usually order ranch to go with the chips and probably eat a whole basket to myself. Chicken taco salad (lettuce, chicken, tomato, shredded cheese and sour cream. I did NOT eat any of the shell)
    Also had 2 margaritas

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