Tony’s 12 Week Challenge – Day 35

July 5, 2013

Post-holiday recovery (a little bit)

Meal 1

Eggs, sausage

Meal 2

Oatmeal, protein powder

Seated Row alternated with KB Goblet Squats   3 rounds

KB Swing alternated with Pushups  3 rounds


Meal 3

Home made protein bar (oatmeal, protein powder, peanut butter, honey)

Meal 4

Cheeseburger, brat, chips (uggghh)




  1. July 5th

    B- egg white delite sandwich from Mcdonalds and a hash brown
    L- grilled sirloin steak and GBC
    D- 2 chicken brats and 1 bun, 1/2 ear of Corn on cob, GBC (I LOVE my homemade GBC), Pulled BBQ pork, Italian pasta salad.
    S- chocolate cupcake and a few cocktails

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