Tony’s 12 Week Challenge Day 9

June 9, 2013

Meal 1

5 eggs, salsa

Meal 2

Texas Road House – cheese fries (yeah, they were good), pork chop, green beans, salmon, 1/4 sweet potato, house salad w/ ranch dressing

Meal 3

Chicken Enchiladas


Today after lunch was the first time since I started this challenge that I felt like I had eaten a little too much.  I have been making a point to stop eating before I feel full.  This time I didn’t.  This morning my weight was down from Saturday morning even after Bonefish Grill and popcorn last night.  I think by making sure that my total intake for the day is within my target range, I am able to treat myself a little and still stay on track.  The key is going to be not letting myself get sloppy.

Sorry for the delay getting the last 3 days posted.



  1. Dennis Gunther says:

    I’m a little behind in getting my post up. The good news is that as of last Friday I’d lost another 3 pounds! That makes 23 from my high point of coming back to CF.

    Breakfast-Eggs with feta cheese
    Lunch-Asian salad with grilled chicken
    Snack-1/2 protein shake
    Supper-Lean roast beef with potato

  2. Great job Dennis!
    Tony, I was afraid you’d stopped posting!! Glad to see you caught up! How often will you be tracking your progress?

    B- oatmeal
    L- grilled chicken classic sandwich with mustard from McDonald’s. not too bad actually, only 350 cals. I didn’t get fries just the sandwich!
    S- turkey sandwich
    D- 4oz baked chicken, squash casserole, little bit of homemade Mac and cheese, broccoli.
    S- skinny cow ice cream sandwich.

    I was exceptionally hungry today… Oh well.

  3. Nice work Dennis! That is great!
    Dawn, I am going to do my first progress check at the 2 week mark.

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