What are you going to do today?

We are one week in to 2012.

How does this sound:

I have approximately 204 workouts to complete this year to reach my goal.

I will eat approximately 1790 more times this year and each time I eat I will include some protein.  In at least 716 of those meals I will have at least one serving of vegetables.

A little overwhelming, right?

How about this?

Today I will exercise for at least 20 minutes.

Today I will have a protein source with each of my meals and I will eat at least 2 servings of vegetables.

A little better?

It is important to have long term goals.  I talk about them all the time.  You need to know where you are going.

I am going to encourage you to focus on your daily goals for a little while.

Don’t worry about the long term.  Focus on the positive activities you need to do today.

My goals for today? Get some rest, play with my kids, have some protein at each meal, eat at least 2 servings of vegetables (1 down already), oh yeah, and mop the floor…


  1. Lesley Futrell says:

    Thank you for this. I needed this food for thought!

    Beginning on this journey alone because im fighting a food demon, a low income single mom, two c sectioned little girls.. hang over Kind of stomach. I need all the positive influnces as I can get.

    God Bless!!
    Lesley Futrell

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